A wedding calls for a makeup and hairstyle that just perfectly fits the bride. May Jasmin can offer that to you! She can perform any makeup and hairdo service normally done in salons.

Always up to date of the latest beauty techniques and fashion trends, May Jasmin can do your makeup and hair flawlessly and elegantly. And, be it a wedding or any other occasion, rest assured that she can make you even more beautiful.

Here are the two ways of how May Jasmin can doll you up.

Traditional Makeup

As the name suggests, this is the conventional makeup application. With this method, the foundation – whether it’s liquid, cream or powder – is applied using a brush or a sponge. A duo fiber brush also called skunk brush is also used to get this done. In this method, a thick consistency of traditional foundation is used. Usually, that takes long to apply. But in the hands of an expert the time can be shortened.

A major advantage of this option is that traditional foundation n

Airbrush Makeup

An air compressor called an airbrush gun is used to get this done. It is loaded with a special foundation that is either water-based or silicon-based.

The airbrush gun sprays a thin layer of foundation to the skin. That makes the application even and consistent making the coverage of the imperfections on the skin flawless.

Because the layer of the foundation it adds to the skin is as fine as it could get, airbrush makeup also allows the skin to breathe. And, light as it is, it provides a glow that looks so natural and polished.

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