May Jasmin

Professional Makeup Artist

Everyone is born beautiful. But shades and do’s can make that beauty glow. And May Jasmin, she got the magical hands and the creative instinct to make that happen.

Though a nursing graduate, May Jasmin found her true calling in make-up and brushes. It was her hobby since she was a kid to beautify others. But that hobby soon turned into passion.

After graduating college, she applied in a salon instead of a hospital. That place later became her training ground. She worked as its Area Manager while attending workshops to enhance her knowledge. Later on, she also served as one of its make-up artists.

However, the year 2012 called her to be a freelancer. And so, driven by her passion, she became one.

Nowadays, May Jasmin is a resident Boracay hair and make up artist. With her team, she provides quality services around the island. She is also available for destination appointments in Manila, Tagaytay, Iloilo, Kalibo, and other places.

As a professional, she only uses high standard tools and products. With that and her skills, she guarantees a hair and makeup service that will surely enhance the natural beauty of anyone.

But more than just preparing brides to look their most beautiful, she also aims to make them feel the same. And so, she makes it a point to listen to her clients’ needs and what they want to achieve. That, and she creates an ambiance of professionalism with friendliness.

So, take a little time off your schedule today and discuss with May Jasmin your make up needs.

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